Throwing Our Weight Around; 7 Players that Arsenal Could Headhunt from the Bottom Half of the Table

The transfer window is nearly open, and silly season is in full swing. I’m already getting multiple “players linked with Arsenal” updates on my phone each day. While sexy speculation, the links and quotes are so far-fetched. We know that the league is difficult for a player to walk into, especially in January, so why not promote from within (the Premier League, that is)?

The general consensus is that our fully fit squad would need only 1-2 top players to really challenge for some honors, so the age-old proceedings commence as we don’t buy. Wenger doesn’t want to displace what he considers top-quality players in the side, and he can’t justify buying youth speculation during a mid-season injury crisis. I’m going to take a look down the squads in the bottom half of the table and pick out some players who could do a job, and might not mind being second-string at a CL club.


  1. Pieters is a solid, hard-working defender and seems to be a leader this season. Stoke are flying high, so I’m not sure that they’d release any players in January and their players might be excited by the recent signings they’ve made.  This man, lining up next to Gabriel would be a frightening combination.
  2. Arnoutavic ended Debuchy’s Arsenal career in cold blood, but I’d have him. A trying attached, looks sturdy. Even befor his last two matches he was growing on me. He plays the position that Wenger likes and is big and strong. Has to lose the bendtner pony tail though.
  3. Grealish. Back from suspension. Better than Campbell. Villa need cash. Do I think he’s Arsenal quality? Not quite, but he’s young. He’ll be in the league next year even if his beloved Villa don’t make it.
  4. Oscar. Chelsea are a bottom-half side, and a petulant boss makes petulant employees. #toungueincheek
  5. Mane came on strong with over and finishing last season, but he has yet to replicate the same critical threat.
  6. Jonny Evans. Attainable, 28 years old, trained by Southampton and Utd. West Brom would be reluctant to let him go, but he’d be a good fourth defender to come in for Mertesacker.  The question is, could he sit on our bench in the mean time.
  7. Federico Fernandez. With poor performances and all of the unrest at Swansea, Fernandez might be another defender who could have his head turned by the prospect of a move to a top club.

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Obviously, these moves are speculative and unlikely. There may be a premium to pay and clubs might not be quick to release, but every club could use some amount of cash to turn around if we get the job done EARLY. Problem solved? I’ll get a call into Wenger and get back to you.

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