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Squad Mentality: The Treble is On!

I know I said it last year, but...

With the seemingly imminent arrival of a backup central midfielder of acceptable pedigree, more and more questions are being asked of the team at the top of the table.  Currently sitting two points clear, we find ourselves in a situation that is very unfamiliar to our recent seasons.  The Arsenal enters the new year at the top of the table, having already handled many hurdles while keeping a strong mentality.

The managers current moves are not quite unrecognizable, but is almost as if he’s let off the brakes like we’ve been begging him to for years.  Wenger has wrapped up an important January signing early, he seems to be prioritizing the league, he’s choosing players based on form, and he is finally showing a bit of ruthlessness.  Arsene’s recent actions and behavior mean that he sees an opportunity, and I for one am loving it.

I almost hate to admit it, but I am starting to see where the “like a new signing” mentality applies to the current situation.  We have trudged through our obligatory November slump with more dignity than normal, and the filthy month of February feels a bit less dire.  Having loaded up the physio room earlier this season, we will be enjoying a trickle of key players entering back into the fray through the entirety of the spring.

Every year, I catch myself saying, “We need to win something this year for the squad.  This is my favorite group of players and I need them to win to be remembered as a group.”  I feel like I mean it more and more every season (even though I’ll mean it more in each season to come).  This calendar year has been characterized by injuries and rotations and chances and impressions, but the entire squad is very supportive and truly in it for one another.  You can see it on the pitch, and you can feel it in the celebrations.

For the first time in a long time, it is difficult to predict the team’s decisions and results, and the uncharted territory is extremely exciting!  We’ve known for years that our players have the quality to achieve, and that a little change in the manager’s mindset could take us far.  So, is this our year?

Check the recap post on the matches toward the end of 2015.

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