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Marcel, from the epic South African athletic lifestyle site RunRideDive.com, was cool enough to invite me to take part in his website’s Head2Head predictions, where I am pitted against himself and Dirk for the Gameweek 24 matchups!  I wasn’t so accurate with my Premier League Gameweek 23 Predictions, but I’m hoping to come through strong with this one.  These guys are great so be sure to follow them on Twitter and check out our Head2Head predictions on RunRideDive! (click the links in text)

Head2Head predictions on RunRideDive!



Gooner In Cali on GoonerLad.com

Our latest post on GoonerInCali.com has been featured on GoonerLad.com! Please follow the link below to support the Gooner Lad site and remember to comment!  Elliot is awesome, so be sure to follow him on Twitter and get involved!

Alex’s Paradox; Loan For Chamberlain?


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