Vardy: Joining the Party

Until 12 hours before I wrote this, Vardy was nothing more than a stick for Arsenal fans to beat Giroud with.  If anyone was to move from Leicester to Arsenal, it’s safe to assume that Kante or Mahrez would be the fan’s guess. The Guardian, BBC, and other publications are now confirming that the Leicester City release clause has been met by Arsenal, and it is looking like a serious possibility.  The reports have claimed that Manchester United passed up on the chance to sign him in lieu of the Zlatan Ibrahimovic deal.  Wenger seems to be a master of capitalizing when all of the chips seem to fall in place.

Why we never considered him:

Vardy is not an Arsenal player.  By that, I mean that he does not fit the mold of Wenger’s Arsenal that we’ve come to know and expect – fit, gentlemanly, intelligent, young, talented, and not quite the finished article.  With big money and big moves set to take place over the next three transfer windows, we overlooked the fact

Why it works for Vardy:

After experiencing an epic escalation in his career path, Vardy has won the league with apparent underdogs in a team of spirit.  Amazing as it is, and I generally don’t make bold predictions, but Leicester will not repeat their dominance of the Premier League next season.  As a speedy, true finisher, what could possibly be unappealing about playing with the Arsenal wing backs and midfielders?  We’ve needed it for years, and the right player, with the right level of confidence should be ready to snap at the opportunity to fill the missing piece in the puzzle.

Why it works for us:

In my opinion, controversial as it may be, I would not want Giroud to go anywhere for at least another year.  I know we’ve seen it and believed it before, but the crop of youth players are very exciting!  English players are important to maintain, especially as the squad seems to be surpassing the British core that signed long-term deals together.  I think that Wenger may have learned his lesson about not buying quality and experience to fill in the gaps. Instead of the Morata’s, I was hoping for a one-season Ibra, or the like (now Vardy), to perform while those who aren’t quite ready to grow into the side. With Vardy at the 30 mark, he could come in and show the youth what it is all about.

I’ll make another bold claim to emphasize my point; Without the inevitable changes to refereeing should this event ever occur, I do not believe that Messi would be as dominant in Premier League.  I consider it more important than most fans do, but experience and proven dominance in the English Premier League is a value that must be considered.

Of course, Vardy becoming an Arsenal player is all speculation until he is stuck in the Physio room in September with a soft-tissue injury that will inevitably recur throughout his reign.  The rumors have turned into the reports, and the reports have turned into confirmations in a matter of hours.  It seems like there’s something behind the deal, and I must admit that I am as well!

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