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Fantasy Premier League; The Cali Classic

Fantasy Premier League

It’s that time of year, and Fantasy Premier League is back!  Start setting up your ringers and hunting for that legendary team value increase.  The first match is August 13, so make sure to have your teams selected and your leagues set up.  Comment here with your League Codes, and we’ll join and then post or tweet them!

Now, if Wenger would only get to work in the market so I could be biassed and unintelligent in filling up my three Arsenal players with the exciting new signings!

The Cali Classic

All of the league codes for this season are listed below; classic and head-to-head.  Call us old-fashioned, but we love the classic gameplay!  Click here to join the inaugural Cali Classic league!  Expect updates, banter, and more from what will surely be an epic season in the showcase that is the Premier League.  Make sure to register on or include your Twitter handle, so you can get the credit you deserve for your excellent (or lucky) management!  Expect the hashtags and references for the #CaliClassic #FantasyPL and be sure to invite and share with your friends (or enemies)!

Join The Cali Classic –

Join GoonerInCali Head-to-Head –

Join GoonerInCali Head-to-Head with Knockout Rounds –

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