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North London Derby to the Bland Period

North London Derby

It’s been quite the week in this world, with the US presidential election dominating the media.  It’s amazing how far of a reach this controversial reality tv show reaches.  There aren’t really the highs or lows of winning or losing.  Most are just reserved and disinterested, but curious to see how it plays out.  Much like the median reaction to the North London Derby last weekend.

You know it’s why you came.  The buildup was intense and there was a buzzing nervousness amongst the Arsenal fans.  I think that most, like myself and the media, were giving the upper hand to our red side.  This is not only because we own North London, but because of the extremely positive changes that have been made to the side this season.  We’ve seen a large squad, resilience, actual mental strength, and substitutions before the 70th minute!

Credit to them, Tottenham did well to keep the pressure on us while protecting their final third.  The major threats, with a couple of scary chances, came from their midfield with Son breaking through and Erikson hitting the inside of the post!  It would be tough to say that either side outplayed the other because of the hilarity of nervous errors in the middle third of the pitch.  As soon as the attack got to one of the ends of the field, it was blundered and/or disposed of.

It was very clear that our shining youth talents let the occasion get to them.  We saw players like Iwobi and Oxlade-Chamberlain flattened by their own nerves, despite having shown so much character this season.

I mentioned it when I was live with Mario from Full90Gooner during the match, but I don’t like it when games are decided by a penalty.  Considering that we didn’t score a goal for ourselves, I leave this match with a bland taste in my mouth.  I was confident going into the derby, but not devastated by the result.  We need to cross our fingers that the Alexis story will be the last scare of the international break.  It is imperative that we take all three points from Manchester United and eventually from the next North London Derby!

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