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Summer Down Under; Arsenal Touring Australia

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Summer Down Under

The dust has finally cleared, and the silly season is in full effect. The rumors of Frenchmen and starlets from transfer windows past is being mindlessly crammed into every newsfeed possible. Having lived through this saga and seeing the media formula my entire life, I spend this time of the year focusing on optimizing what we know versus harping on what Arsenal fans are hoping to expect.

The exhausting mess that was the Spring of 2017 ended with a fruition of inevitabilities that we convinced ourselves would be overcome; missing out on the CL and Wenger signing a new deal.

This summer has already brought a full cycle of stories build and die, with a final break coming from the Lacazette story! We do, however, seem to be in a holding pattern on contract negotiations with our stars. The futures of multiple players are hanging in the balance and if it all goes wrong, we’ll be entering our fourth “rebuilding” stage in the last ten years. It is worrying to think of a scenario where the media team tries to release a mid-level signing before the loss of one of those listed above. It is difficult to anticipate any of the club’s moves without knowing the future of Ozil, Sanchez, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Wilshere.

That’s not to say that the Arsenal are in a bad position to come through ahead. Last summer’s signings in Holding and Xhaka are growing into the team, and Kolasinac and Lacazette are great prospects to strengthen the shallower positions in the team. Because so much energy is focused on competing with teams at the top of the table, the exciting youth players that we have are not getting the spotlight that they deserve. We don’t see them come through the side as early or as often as they used to, but perhaps that is a testament to the first team’s progression. One can expect that there will be much more excitement over them after some exposure and performances in the preseason!

The mood is turning surprisingly optimistic despite entering a season without Champion’s League football. The Arsenal had some very memorable highlights from great performances last season, so progression means building and moving forward. The preseason is always an exciting stage for those on the cusp of breaking into the squad.


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