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Bars on the Transfer Window; Wenger vs. Wenger

Bars on the Transfer Window

The transfer window is now open and Liverpool’s Vin Dijk deal has brought to speculation to the forefront of all premier league supporter’s minds. The continuous letdowns of windows past force us to take a passive and almost sarcastic stance.

Imagine a club and manager who formulated an identity and winning mentality, identifies a weakness in the squad and does what it takes to correct that weak point without gambling. While I’m not saying that Arsenal should’ve jumped on Van Dijk at £75M, I am envious to see the directness of Klopp, the clear intentions of the club, and goal-oriented strategy.

Our squad is currently filled. We essentially have two first teams for the different competitions. The quality is questionable but the feeling is that we just need the players that we have to just perform better. As a unit. As individuals. To take responsibility for the team and press forward. It’s an old adage, but I’m finally coming around to thinking that this group of players would be able to improve and win things under a different manager or style of management. The rumored exit of the fringe first-teamers, Coquelin to Valencia, and the signing of Mavropanos without a loan deal seem to be another transfer window with our backs against the wall.

It is difficult to see the position and outlook of the club convincing a world-class individual talent to join a constantly rebuilding project. What needs to be done immediately is to sign up the players who are staying to new deals and to begin the purchase of replacements for those that are leaving. We don’t need an Alexis-quality replacement for Alexis. Now is the time to sign the Lemar or whoever it may be and allow him time to get comfortable with the club, while those with more Arsenal experience emerge as future leaders.

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