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Gooner Lad and an Exciting Week of Football

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What a day in the Premier League!  Off the back of an FA cup victory, two of our near-table rivals in Leicester City and Tottenham are forced to replay as the busy holiday months come to a close.  With Manchester United and Crystal Palace dropping points, the Arsenal are finding themselves in quite a strong position.

Thankfully, the stars align again for us to maintain our lead at the top of the table.  My calls from last week’s post have not only remained relevant, but they have caught on among the media and the supporters.  Let’s just hope that the players on the pitch can start revering the confidence and momentum through the rest of the winter!

Our latest post on has been featured on this week!  Please head over and check it out, as they were gracious enough to get some collaboration going!

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Squad Mentality; The Treble is On!

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