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Twitter Shoutouts

Twitter Shout-Outs

Since the majority of my Arsenal madness is delivered on Twitter, I want to take an opportunity to direct some love to the people who show the most support and interaction!  Click the links to check out some friends of GoonerInCali.com!

Ben Larson @BLarsenAFC1886

Lepricon @Cahonus

Nikki @TheRuleOfTwo

Jamie Kendrick @kendrick_jamie

Eric Addison @EricAddison

Garden State Gooners @GardenStGooners

Arsenal South Wales @ArsenalSW

Mark Balfour @iowgooner

Marcel Sigg @marcelsigg runs an amazing site RunRideDive.com out of South Africa @runridedive involved in a #Head2Head feature with @DirkVale

GoonerLad.com Follow @goonerlads and Facebook have posted some of our articles on their site! Read our latest post Welbeck In Business here!

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